Simple Pricing

A platform that is both powerful and affordable.
As educators, we know what it feels like to find a great solution and come to the realization that it is way to expensive for your school or district. We decided early on that charging high rates would mean that less teachers would have access to our platform. That is not right for students. So we broke the trend and priced our product to make it affordable for all public school districts. 


Capture is fully hosted in the cloud to reduce the technical strain on your IT staff. By utilizing the cloud, we are able to manage all updates automatically!


We built our platform to give school districts the ability to fully customize the AI monitoring triggers and intervention strategies used by teachers and interventionists.

Single-Sign On

How often have you signed up for a new product and had to learn a completely new password? Educators are busy and we don't want to add any unnecessary strain. Use the same login that you use every day for email.

Automatic Roster Syncs

Capture partnered with Clever to ensure data syncs accurately and on a regular basis. If you have never used Clever, we will help you get started.  Clever is currently in the majority of school districts and costs nothing!

Works on all devices

Our platform is completely web-based. You will never have to download any special plugins like Flash or Java!

Loaded With Power

One of the cool things about our platform is how we evolve. We are always listening and evolving the platform to meet the needs of school districts. If we release a new feature, you get it instantly. We will never call and try to sell you an add-on. That is powerful.